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A Must-Read for Every Artist, Freelancer, and Idea-maker. 
Corwin Heibert


Dear Chris,

I felt the urge writing to you because i wanted you to thank you for your marvelous book. Your text although simple in form is so powerful, inspiring and meaningful. I thought I bought a book about photography and it turned out to be a book about my life and how i daily choose to live it.
Working as a psychiatrist i have read many psychotherapy and psychiatry books but nothing felt so personal and so right.  I mentioned your book to all of my friends and how inspiring it is. I hope your book becomes a worldwide success because it is definetely worth it.

All the best for you and your family,
(Vienna Austria)



I've watched your tutorials on lynda.com and have been a fan for years. Just got the Creative Fight today and finished the intro. I may not get to sleep for a few hours tonight

(Photographer, North Carolina)


Chris -

I purchased your book and just finished chapter 3. Just want to say it is amazing so far. As I read, I find myself substituting the word "faith" where you say "creativity" and it totally works. Bringing an even deeper meaning. Suffice it to say, your writing resonates truth on many levels for me. Your voice is authentic and refreshing. I am a self taught photographer who was looking for inspiration. And this delivered beyond my expectations. 

Thank you!


I don’t buy many photography books, but when I saw, The Creative Fight, I knew it was a book I had to have. I’m glad I got it. It’s full of inspirational info for all, photographers and non-photographed alike.  Now I recommend it to all my photo workshop participants.

Rick Sammon
(Best-selling author, Canon Explorer of Light, New York)


Chris Orwig's 'The Creative Fight' is absolutely brilliant. I have the book in my hands and am sincerely moved. A complete interrupter. I believe it sets a new watermark for catalyzing creativity. I could not recommend this more highly.

Dane Sanders
(Best-selling author, Photographer, California)



Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for sharing all of your advice in your book. I thought it would be helping my photography exclusively, but I am finding that it is helping me become a better husband, friend, coach, and teacher as well. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!  

Very respectfully, Dan